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Solo, Chapin, Hudson, Howard Berger and Gilmour Sprayers

Name brand home and commercial sprayers from the industry's leading brands: Solo, Chapin, Hudson, Howard Berger and Gilmour. We carry backpack, portable, cart, slide and hand sprayers. Sprayer Outlet also carries parts and accessories for these sprayers along with spraying accessories such as respirators, gloves & safety goggles.


Solo Backpack Sprayers
Piston & Diaphragm Models
Solo Hand Sprayers
Ideal for indoor and outdoor spraying
Solo Portable Sprayers
Compression Sprayers
Solo Sprayer Parts
Full Line for Backpack & Portable Models


Chapin 61800 Backpack Sprayer
Piston Model
Chapin Hand Sprayers
Ideal for farms, homes, gardens and pest control
Chapin Portable Sprayers
Polyethylene, Tri-Poxy Coated Metal or Stainless Steel Sprayers
Chapin Sprayer Parts
Chapin Parts & Accessories

Gilmour Portable Sprayers
Portable, Wheel, & Backpack
Gilmour Hand Sprayers
or small garden spraying
Gilmour Sprayer Parts
Gilmour Parts & Accessories

Howard Berger
Howard Berger Portable Sprayers
Economical, quality portable sprayers
Howard Berger Hand Sprayers
Meet most household or small garden spraying need

Hudson Portable Sprayers
For home, lawn and garden
Hudson Hand Sprayers
Easy to pump, adjustable spray

Spraying Accessories
Hose End Sprayers
Several brands including Gilmour and Solo
Disposable Coveralls
Several styles
Respirators and Accessories
Safety Gloves
Superior Hand Protection
Safety Goggles
Protect your eyes when spraying or mixing

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Solo 425 Backpack Sprayer
Solo 425 Backpack Sprayer
Price: $97.99
Piston Pump, 4 Gallon Capacity. Easily and effectively handles disinfectants, fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, and formulations for tree, shrub and plant protection.

Solo 456 Portable Sprayer
Solo 456 Portable Sprayer
Price: $49.99
Tank Size: 8.5 Liters/2 Gallons, Maximum Operating Pressure: 45 psi. Comfortable, rugged, ergonomically designed carrying handle and a large tank opening for easy filling.

SAS Safety Bandit N95 Disposable Dual Cartridge Respirator
SAS Safety Bandit N95 Disposable Dual Cartridge Respirator
Price: $16.99
Pre-assembled respirator with organic vapor cartridges and N95 filters for easy use; eliminates cartridge and filter attachment hassles.

Boss Chemguard Plus Gloves
Boss Chemguard Plus Gloves
Price: $9.99
CHEMguard+ Neoprene chemical resistant gloves are designed to protect hands when handling many alcohols, oils, solvents and caustics.

Hudson 67131 Ortho SpraySense Sprayer
Hudson 67131 Ortho SpraySense Sprayer
Price: $19.99
Ergo-Rapid pump that quickly pressurizes and serves as a carrying handle
Gilmour W4 Wheel Portable Sprayer
Gilmour W4 Wheel Portable Sprayer
Price: $
Pressurizes as you walk
Chapin 27020 Portable Sprayer
Chapin 27020 Portable Sprayer
Price: $
Lightweight poly tank for easy carrying
In-tank anti-clog filter helps prevent clogging.
Size: 2 Gallon

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